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Enhancing International TradeWith the world trade linked as one global market, clients focus went beyond the timely delivery and acceptable quality and quantity; each country’s concerns pivot on consistency and compliance in trade practices as well as the protection and safety of their human, animal, and plant life resources.  To ensure these concerns are addressed an increasing number of governments have instituted Conformity Assessment as part of their plans for sustainable development.
SGS Conformity Assessment programs ensure that specific products conform to applicable laws, technical regulations and standards; this is achieved through precise and consistent inspection, verification and testing of the products as well as the certification of processes and systems of producers and traders.
Conformity assessment increases cooperation between exporting and importing countries while protecting the interests of the manufacturer/trader and the consumer.  This symbiotic relationship results in better global business and trade relations.
Conformity Assessment Procedure
Depending on the nature of the product and certification scheme, the verification procedure may include one or a combination of the following activities;
Product Testing Physical inspection Factory and desk Audits Documentary Review SGS is your trusted Partner
SGS is accredited to conduct Conformity Assessment services for Various Countries and markets.  Its extensive experiences and acquired knowledge throughout the years are the key components in providing assistance for the development and implantation of customized Conformity Assessment programs for any country.
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