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How can you minimize the risk of damage to nuclear power plants, communications networks and railway systems – and the far-reaching repercussions – in the event of an earthquake?

Earthquakes pose a significant danger to nuclear power plants and their related products and components. Incidents such as the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in Japan serve as sobering examples of the terrible consequences caused by nuclear power plant damage. The wide felt repercussions of such incidents include contamination of the environment and severe health problems caused by the radioactive release.

In addition, an earthquake can paralyze entire communication networks and railway systems. Consequently, it is vital that nuclear facilities, electrical communications and railway systems resist earthquakes and other external events.

That is why earthquake tests of electrical communications systems have been mandatory in Korea since October 16, 2009.

In order to minimize the dangers and avoid a terrible disaster, owners of nuclear power plants, and manufacturers of electrical communications and railway systems must rely on a trustworthy earthquake testing provider.

SGS – one of the only providers of earthquake and seismic testing in the world

SGS is one of the very few companies in the world to offer earthquake testing services and the only private testing company with a dedicated earthquake testing laboratory located in Giheung, Korea.

From here, SGS performs various types of earthquake tests for nuclear power plants and manufacturers of electrical communications and railway systems, supporting local and international clients.

SGS provides:

  • Assurance of safety for products and components related to nuclear power plants
  • Minimization of damage and risks to nuclear power plants, communications networks and railway systems in the event of an earthquake
  • Equipment qualification for products and components of nuclear power plants, including design margin analysis, aging conditioning, and environmental and seismic qualification 
  • Earthquake tests on samples, such as nuclear power plant products and components, as well as electrical communications and railway systems

Earthquake and seismic testing in full compliance with international standards

SGS successfully cooperates with government laboratories and conducts tests for governmental certification.

The SGS laboratory conducts earthquake tests in accordance with IEEE, IEC international standards, and provides earthquake testing services for local and international clients.

Being one of very few of its kind in the world and the only one performing three-axis earthquake tests, the SGS laboratory meets the rapidly increasing demand for earthquake testing across the globe.

To find out more about our earthquake and seismic testing, contact us today.