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Our Directory of Certified Clients enables you to verify the status of any SGS issued management system or process certificate.

To verify the status of a certificate or a group of certificates that a company holds, simply enter the certification ID number (found on the SGS certificate). Alternatively, you can enter the company name and country. Then, finally, input the security code displayed below:


인증서 상태의 범례 (Certificate status):

- Valid: 유효한 인증서

- Invalid: 인증서가 일시적으로 유효하지 않음

- Under Review: 기술 검토를 받은 인증서


참고: 인증된 고객 Directory 의 내용은 영어로만 제공이 됩니다.

If you are unable to locate the company you are searching for, please try again using the exact company certificate number or the full company name as displayed on the certificate.

Please note: We are upgrading this directory. As a result, you may experience some disruption to service. If you are unable to verify certificates, please contact us.

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